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In search of plaice

Well i dug some rag last night ( it took ages ) so i could go out and target some plaice,
I set of for the Portpatrick coast, reached my destonation at about 6am, the sky was pink and all the gulls were wakening up squawking thier heads off, it was nice to be there, peaceful,

Nice and peacful

Nice and peacful

I was using 2 rods, one with an up and over rig, and the other a 3 hook pully with size 4’s, i was baiting the U&O with rag and squid and the pully with, rag, white rag, bluey and squid,

first couple of casts , nothing, then on the 3 hook as i reeled in i felt a nice wieght on the end, quite a light rod so i knew i was in,
The resut, this little beuty, not huge but its pretty big for here ( 40cm ), it wieghed 1lb 10oz, Bluey and squid done the job, all that bloomin digging





Goal achieved, satisfaction guarenteed lol

rite im off for a kip, fishing later…its a hard life you know


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2009 Species List

1) Cod, 2)  Pollock, 3) Coley, 4)  Haddock ,5) Whiting ,  6) Plaice,  7) Dab,  8)  3 bearded rockling, 9)  Ballan Wrasse, 10) Thornback Ray,  11) Spurdog, 12) Doggy, 13) common smooth hound ( 11 lbs . smashed Scottish shore record) , 14) Starry smooth hound ( 5lb ), 15) Bass, 16) Flounder, 17) red gurnard 18) grey gurnard , 19) Bull Huss 16 lbs , 20) tope 55lbs

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Shore caught Tope 45+ Lb , fish of a life time

Shore caught Tope 45+ Lb , fish of a life time

23lb tope from the shore

23lb tope from the shore

6.14 oz Corkwing Wrasse - Scottish Shore Record, to be verified

6.14 oz Corkwing Wrasse - Scottish Shore Record, to be verified

7lb Thornback Ray, loch etive

7lb Thornback Ray, loch etive

5 lb Bass, family dinner

5 lb Bass, family dinner

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Species List 2008

Here is my species list for 2008

1) sea trout

2) slob trout   ( brown trout that lives in the sea, brackish waters )

3) sprat

4) SS sea scorpian

5) cod

6) haddock

7) whiting

8 ) coley

9) pollock

10) rockling

11) pouting

12) flounder

13) dab

14) Plaice

15) red gurnard

16) grey gurnard

17) Bass

18) mackerel

19) Tope – 45+Lb shore caught

20) Spurdog

21) LSD

22) Thornback – 7Lb

23) black gobby

24) pickerel  ( Turkey, the Med )

25) striped mullet  ( Turkey, the Med )

26) white bream  ( Turkey, the Med )

27) Dusky Rabbit fish ( Turkey, the Med )

28) ballen wrasse

29) corkwing wrasse – 6.14 oz Scottish shore Record

30 ) shanny

31) Greater Sandeel

32) Goldsinny wrasse

 33) poor cod

34) Thick lipped Mullet

35) Conger Eel

36) Herring

37) common eel

38 ) Turbot  😆

39) Tompot Blenny

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WSF Windsock meet, Loch Etive sept 2008

Friday the 26th janet and i pack all the gear we needed for the next two days, tent, food, fishing equipment ( the most important ). impatient to get fishing and out the house i asked Janet if we should head right away instaed of going in the morning, we set off at 11pm and arrived at 4am with the wind blowing a hoolie and the occasional smattering of rain. I decided not to fish straight away and once we got the tent up it was time for a sleep.

Woke up to light showers of rain and still windy, i decided to get the rods set up, one Greys Orion M2 and the other a Penn Ruff stuff both rods were coupled with Diawa SL30SH or slosh 30 as they are known, on the orion 25lb line and the other 30lb with the heavyest going on the Penn, i used wire traces with 4/0 “J” hooks and a couple of rigs made with 5/0 circle hooks, Bait was fresh and frozen mackerel, squid, sandeel and pacific saury ( blueys )

I had no luck during the day time, just one mackeral caught on the bottom and others arrived just before it got dark so not much action to tell them, the tide was strong and pulling our lines along with it but on this occasion it seemed different, it was a struggle to reel trying to keep it clear of the snags, i pumped and reeled as hard as i could but the line went solid, in the end up i had to pull for a break, i was gutted i lost the first fish!

The next fish i got was a fat dogfish nearly 3lb, then the fish after that was a cracker, a nice supprise from this mark ,The windsock is not known for producing alot of Thornback Rays i was lucky not to loose this one to the snags aswell

It was this big...7lb

It was this big...7lb

 I had a belter of a bite from a spurdog but missed it due to lack of experiance using circle hooks, you dont fish them the same as normal J hooks,

The end result of the trip was 2 dogs and a thorny for me and the other lads got some good spurdog, tagged and released.

It was enjoyable the weather had calmed down for the nights fishing, with that done it was time to pack up and head home, we stopped of in Tyndrum for an all you can eat for a fiver breakfast, after all that hard fishing i was more than ready for it!

Till next time 🙂